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Rules and policies

Full details of school policies and rules can be found in the following documents:

 Responsible behaviour management policy (PDF, 1.1 MB)

 School Parent Information book Prep.pdf

School Parent Information Book 1-6.pdf

Medication Form.pdf

Fernvale State School - Sunsafe Policy.doc 

If you cannot download the documents linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.


 Students are strongly encouraged to wear their full school uniform each day.  

Children should use the following guide: 

Nail polish, inappropriate hair dying and/or eye make-up is not permitted.

Wrist watches may be worn. 

One only of the following may be worn under clothing: religious pendant, medical bracelet or personally significant necklace. 

Earrings are not permitted, however sleepers or studs may be worn if ears are pierced.  Body jewellery/piercing is not acceptable due to Health and Safety concerns.

 Students are encouraged to keep shoes on whilst at school unless otherwise instructed by the teacher.

 Shirts are to be worn, tucked in. 



 A school hat is available from the tuckshop to suit both boys and girls.

 All children must wear hats at all times when they are outdoors. The school has a policy of “no hat - no play”

 Students without an appropriate hat will be expected to spend their recess times under shaded areas to protect them from the sun and they will not be permitted to play in the playground.

Mobile phones

 Mobile phones are coming to school and interfering in our core business through:

          Inappropriate or unwanted text message

     Ringing or messaging in class time

    Use of mobile phone cameras

During school hours parents are welcome to phone the office and messages from parents will be passed on to the students. 

 Students are encouraged to leave mobile phones at home.


  • Loss or theft of mobile phones, like any valuable item, remains the responsibility of the owner, not the school.


  • If students wish to bring a mobile phone to school it must be clearly named and left at the office to be picked up after school.


  • If a student has a mobile phone at school, in class or in the playground, the teacher will have the student immediately deliver it to the office. There it will be kept in the secure area until after school. It is the student’s responsibility to collect the phone and it will only be returned after 3.00 pm.


 Lost, Damaged or Stolen Property

 Whilst every reasonable care is taken to prevent damage to or theft of a child’s property no responsibility can be accepted.

 Items are brought into the school grounds at the owner’s risk.

 All items of clothing and sporting material should have the child’s name. This ensures prompt return to the owner if they are mislaid or lost. Items should be checked regularly to ensure that the name has not faded. The lost property bin is under the school office (A Block). After a reasonable time, unclaimed articles are disposed of to a charity.



 All money or payments for school activities need to be handed in at the school office before school in a clearly marked envelope with the student’s name, year level, what the payment is for and the amount.  Correct change would be appreciated.

 Credit card payments can also be made.



Please advise the class teacher and administration in writing of full particulars of the condition and the steps to be taken if your child requires any of the following whilst in our care: 

  • Required to take prescribed medicines, tablets or drugs of any kind.

  • Dressings to be changed. 

  • Child must wear hearing aid, glasses or braces. 

  • Ears required to be plugged for swimming. 

  • Prescribed medication must be kept close at hand in case of sudden attack of illness. 

We cannot be expected to take the necessary action unless we are fully aware of the child’s condition and the treatment required. Under no circumstances are children to leave medicines, tablets etc. in the school bags or in their desks. 

Parents should bring these substances to school personally, explain how and when they are to be administered and deliver them to the school administration. The parent/caregiver must complete a School Medication Form before office staff can administer any medications. 

An exception to this procedure is the case of an asthma puffer. Children are permitted to keep these under their personal care provided that: 

  • The child is able to reliably self-diagnose when the medication is needed. 

  • The child is capable of self-administration of the correct dose of the puffer. 

  • The child understands that the aerosol puffer is not to be misused (eg sprayed at other children etc.). 

A note from the parent verifying the above is to be lodged at the school office.​